Restrict the site creation on the Angular interface

Jean-Philippe Boubou11/06/2021

The project named share-site-creators restricts the site creation members of the group named GROUP_SITE_CREATORS. This project provides one module for the Alfresco Content Service and another one for the Alfresco Share interface. The module which allows the ACL permissions is not linked to the brand new Angular interface. Users who are not members of the GROUP_SITE_CREATORS group cannot create "library" even if there is an action to do it in the interface. That is why we need to make changes to Alfresco Content App adding a rule which only make the action visible for the right people is necessary.

Create the rule.

Create a typescript file in the /src/app/rules/ folder. Then, add the following code which test if the current user is a GROUP_SITE_CREATORS member.

import { RuleContext } from '@alfresco/adf-extensions';

export function canCreateLibrary(context: RuleContext): boolean {
  var res = false;
  var found = false;
  if (context.profile.groups != undefined) {
    for (var i = 0; i < context.profile.groups.length; i++) {
      if (context.profile.groups[i].id == 'GROUP_SITE_CREATORS' && context.profile.groups[i].displayName == 'SITE_CREATORS') {
        found = true;
        res = found;
  return res;

Declare the rule

After that, we have to add the rule into the core.extension.module.ts file which is in the src/app/extension folder. When the rule is imported, we need to associate it with the key app.navigation.library.canCreate. This key will allow us to link the rule with an action in the JSON file.

import { canCreateLibrary } from '../rules/createLibrary';
	'app.navigation.library.canCreate': canCreateLibrary,

Assign the rule

The last step consists of adding the rule in the app.extensions.json which is located in the /src/app/assets folder.

        "id": "app.create.library",
        "order": 600,
        "description": "APP.NEW_MENU.TOOLTIPS.CREATE_LIBRARY",
        "icon": "create_new_folder",
        "actions": {
          "click": "CREATE_LIBRARY"
        "rules": {
          "enabled": "app.navigation.library.canCreate"

The enable field is used in order to disable the action. However, instead of doing that, we can hide it using the visible field.

Enabled Visible
"rules": {
          "enabled": "app.navigation.library.canCreate"
"rules": {
          "visible": "app.navigation.library.canCreate"

In the Angular interface, a site corresponds to a library.

CanCreate en
CannotCreate en

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