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Alfresco Collabora Online : version 0.4.3

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by Cindy Piassale/ on 10 Sep 2021

Alfresco Collabora Online : version 0.4.3

What’s new in version 0.4.x

Soft Lock

A new feature in our module is the implementation of a lock on documents when they are being edited by a user.

In share interface, a banner indicates that editing is in progress.

As the purpose of Collabora Online is to edit documents with several users simultaneously, this lock does not prevent editing with Collabora Online but it does block only the standard Alfresco editing actions:

  • Edit Offline

  • Upload New Version

  • Move to …

  • Delete Document

  • Manage Permissions

PDF Preview

Following the latest updates of Collabora Online (6.4.10, 6.4.11), the document preview has evolved. Now you can view PDFs files with Collabora Online in the Alfresco Angular interface. This way you can benefit from the advantages of Collabora Online:

  • view signatures

  • continuous document browsing

+—————————+—————————+ | Standard Preview | Collabora Online Preview | +—————————+—————————+ | | ![] | | | (preview_pdf_CollaboraOnline.png) | +—————————+—————————+