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Happy New Year 2022 !

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by Lucie Lesage/ on 24 Jan 2022

Happy New Year 2022 !

Jeci wishes you a Happy New Year 2022!

Our resolution is to make Pristy grow.

We have already started!

  • We began the year by integrating an automatic OCR tool to automatically convert a scanned document, and thus analyze its text, which then allows it to be selected and referenced in the search!
    A feature that will save time, for sure. See you soon for more information!

  • Next in line in the next few weeks: upgrade of Pristy to Alfresco 7.

  • Finally, our goal this year is to integrate an electronic signature system directly into Pristy.

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Pristy is a free online electronic document management (edm) software. It is available hosted at OVH or on-premise.

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