Image de la bannière : Pristy | Code libéré : Pristy online manual

Pristy | Code libéré : Pristy online manual

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by Lucie Lesage/ on 02 Jun 2022

Pristy | Code libéré : Pristy online manual


The source code of the Pristy Online Manual is available!

# Why?

Pristy’s documentation is part of the software. Every user can contribute to its improvement and clarity.

So, if you have a suggestion, don’t hesitate!

Also note that as of June 2022 there is no English version of said manual, so pitch in if you want to help!

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The code is available under LGPLv3 License behind this link Github de Jeci (note that, as of today, the read me file is only available in French, sorry for the inconvenience)


Pristy is a free online electronic document management (EDM) software integrating the Collabora Online office suite. It is available for hosting by OVH or on-premise.

If you are interested in Pristy, do not hesitate to contact us.

Would you like to try it?
Nothing could be easier: ask us for a demo!

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