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Back from Open Source Expérience 2023

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by Lucie Lesage/ on 01 Mar 2024

Back from Open Source Expérience 2023


Once again this year, the Open Source Experience was an opportunity to meet the key players in the free software industry.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to talk to us about Pristy and our other services.

Once again, great opportunities are emerging to extend the values of open source a little further.

We took advantage of the show to present our developments on Pristy Markets.

Meeting with the Collabora Online team

The show also gave us the opportunity to meet some of the team at Collabora Online.

They had a few questions for us:

Renewed support for April

Logo de l'April

OSXP also gave us the opportunity to renew our support to April: the association that works to promote and defend free software in France.

Thanks again for their commitment and also their sympathy!

See you next year!

We look forward to coming back next year!

In the meantime you can follow us:

You can also follow us on our website and checkout our roadmap project.

Pristy is a free online electronic document management (EDM) software integrating the Collabora Online office suite. It is available for hosting by OVH or on-premise.

If you are interested in Pristy, do not hesitate to contact us.

Would you like to try it?
Nothing could be easier: ask us for a demo!

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