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Free and Open Source Software: Definition

What is open source software ?

Open source software is software whose source code is available for inspection. This allows an expert to study the software to see if it is clean, ethical and if it contains flaws or retrieves data from its users.

However, this does not give the freedom to use the code yourself.

It’s like reading a musical score and the lyrics of a song, you can study them, but you don’t have the right to reproduce or use them without paying royalties.

What is free software?

Free software provides the freedom to use software for any purpose: to study how it works from the source code and to copy, redistribute and modify it.

If we continue the analogy of music, this allows us to change notes in the score, or change a chorus, and then use our new version freely, without paying royalties. However, the original authorship of the work is retained!

We distinguish between two types of free licences: those which oblige modifications to be distributed under free licences (for example the GPL licence defended by the FSF) and licences which authorise the privatisation of the code created from the initial source code (BSD or Apache licence).

What is free and open source software?

As you can see, open source software does not mean that you have the freedom to use the source code.

Free software often implies that its source code is available. However, in some cases, the source code can be released under the condition that you buy the product.

Thus, “free software” is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of “free” as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer.” We sometimes call it “libre software,” borrowing the French or Spanish word for “free” as in freedom, to show we do not mean the software is gratis.

What is Free Software? - GNU

Free software does not mean free!

“Free software” does not mean “noncommercial.” On the contrary, a free program must be available for commercial use, commercial development, and commercial distribution. This policy is of fundamental importance—without this, free software could not achieve its aims.

What is Free Software? - GNU

The most famous free software

The most famous free software is probably Firefox.

But you’ve surely heard of these as well:

  • Linux (GNU) - A free operating system that can replace Windows or MacOS, the best known commercial version is Ubuntu
  • LibreOffice - An office suite that can replace Microsoft Office (formerly OpenOffice)
  • Firefox - Web browser that can replace Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge
  • GIMP - Photo editing software that can replace Adobe Photoshop
  • MediaWiki - the free software behind Wikipedia
  • Wordpress - a content management system (CMS) for generating websites

We hope one day to add Pristy to the list!


Free does not mean copyright-free. So there are different free software licenses.

You can find a complete list on the [GNU] site (

The Pristy code

Pristy is getting a makeover: we are developing three interfaces, one of which will eventually replace Alfresco App Content.

The code (AGPL) is available on, don’t hesitate to participate in Pristy’s developments!

Logiciels utilisés par Pristy (ACA), licence, et code source

Software used by Pristy (ACA), license, and source code

Lists of software used by Pristy and Jeci.

Jeci / Pristy Solution

Name of the softwareLink to the source codeLicense
Alfresco Collabora Online License
Stats Alfresco on Database
Object Storage Connectors for Alfresco
Alfresco Kafka IntegrationÀ confirmer
Alfresco Kafka OCRSur demande à info@jeci.frLPGLv3
Extension Send Mail
Pristy User Documentation GNU de documentation libre
Pristy - Authentication HMacSur demande à info@jeci.frLPGLv3
Pristy – Create User Cloud
Alfresco EML to PDF Transformer EngineSur demande à info@jeci.frLPGLv3
Alfresco Transformer from Dxf to PDFSur demande à info@jeci.frLPGLv3

Alfresco Community Solution

Name of the softwareLink to the source codeLicense
Alfresco Content Services Community Packaging
Alfresco Community
Alfresco Share
Alfresco Content Application
Alfresco ActiveMQ docker image
Alfresco JODConverter / LPGLv3
Alfresco JavaScript API Client
Alfresco Module Management Tool
Alfresco SDK
Alfresco SSL Generator
Alfresco Support Tools
Alfresco Transform Core
Alfresco Trashcan Cleaner Module
Alfresco REST API Explorer
Alfresco Search Services
Surf Web Scripts

Collabora Online Solution

Name of the softwareLink to the source codeLicense
Collabora Online
Alfresco Collabora Online License

Other software used by Pristy

Name of the softwareLink to the source codeLicense
Apache Solr
Bigspring Light License
Ansible Runner License
Ansible Role: Pip (for Python) License
Ansible Role: Docker License
Ansible Role: Swap License
Ansible Role: EPEL Repository License
Cabot License
Nginx la police de licence
Oauth2-proxy License
Syncthing License
Sonatype Nexus Repository Open Source Codebase License
Gitlab Expat license
Centos la police de licence
MkDocs la police de licence
OCRmyPDF License
Tesseract OCR
Email to PDF Converter
Angular License

Other software used by Jeci (non exhaustive list)

Name of the softwareLink to the source codeLicense
Jbake License
Jitsi Meet

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