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We are members of April

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Jeci has always promoted and respected the values of free and open source software. It is even its foundation. It therefore seemed logical to us to join its first defender in France, the association April, to promote and defend free software. Here is a brief presentation of April and our strong link with their ideas.

What is April?

April is an association created in 1996. Its objective is to promote, raise awareness and defend free software among the general public and political decision-makers. All of this to encourage the sharing of knowledge at all levels. For this purpose it carries out concrete actions actions, and it is them who talk about it the best!

Free software

A reminder: free(dom) does not mean free.

A free software is a software that is provided with its source code The use, study, modification and distribution of modified versions are allowed. modified versions are allowed. Free software is not necessarily free, even if it is Free software is not necessarily free, although it often is.

— April’s definition of free software

Become a member

Want to support April? Here are several ways to get involved:

Why does Jeci support these values?

As we said, Jeci is a company founded around free and open source software. The values of sharing and freedom that free and open source defend are the very essence of the reason Jeci supports April. But also uses it on a daily basis and offers services and to offer services that correspond to these values. These also contribute to the development of the team since the exploitation of open source code is extremely formative.

Fun fact: the founder of Jeci was already involved in free software during his studies as a member of the GUL (Groupement d’Utilisateur Linux) of CaLviX (Gul du Calvados) — an association that aims to share and promote free software. He has since left the region, but still shares the same vision on free software and is happy to see the association is still alive!