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Object Storage pour Alfresco

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In the way the S3 Connector works for Alfresco Enterprise, we have build multiple AMP modules for Alfresco allowing to replace the classical filesystem ContentStore for an Object Storage :

Our modules are compatible with Alfresco Enterprise and Alfresco Community.

Simply install the desired module on Alfresco to activate the corresponding connector. The settings are made via the file.


Where can I find the binaries and source code of the connectors?

The source code of the connectors is available at github. These connectors are free and released under the [LGPL, Version 3] ( licence, we sell support for them in order to finance their development.

How to install the connectors?

The connectors are delivered in AMP format. Just follow the standard procedure.

The connector for Red Hat Ceph Storage requires the installation of the ceph package on the Alfresco server. Typically :

yum install -y ceph


apt-get install -y ceph

How to test the connector?

We have developed docker images to test the three connectors.

To test OpenIO we use the openio/sds image.

To test Ceph and Swift we use the ceph/demo image.

We can help you set up a test environment according to your needs:

Why don’t you provide a connector for Amazon S3?

We have developed this connector in-house, but Alfresco offers a similar connector for Alfresco Enterprise and Ryan Berg has been developing a open connector for Alfresco Community.