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Collabora Online for Alfresco 6

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Version 1.0.1 of the project was released in January 2024. The connector is compatible with Alfresco 7 since version 0.6.0.
Update from May 2024

This article dates from ‘December 2022’, though the information is up-to-date, and the project is still active, since Collabora has now been integrated into Pristy!

On the basis of our previous contributions (1, 2), we designed a new project to integrate Collabora Online and Alfresco 6.

This project allows you to edit documents on both Alfresco Share and Afresco Content App simultaneously.

Check it out on a demo server for free for a month !

Online Monitor

With the strong support of our partner Collabora, we have developed a monitor which permits Alfresco to know when a document is being edited in order to modify his behavior. Particularly to avoid the edition of the file from Alfresco, and to more easily visualize that an other user is editing the document.

This project works with Alfresco Community and Enterprise, it can be integrated with Collabora Online and LibreOffice Online.

Collabora Online extension

Originally, Alfresco Content Application, the community version of Alfresco only offers an edition of your document outside of your browser. We have developed an extension that allows you to directly edit your documents online into the application in the browser. The source code is available on Collabora’s Github and works for Alfresco Share and Alfresco Content App.


Editing online with Collabora online

When you are in the application you can edit your document by clicking on “Edit with Collabora online”.