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Stats Alfresco on Database

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Description / Features

This software is made to perform some statistics on Alfresco database.

This software uses queries to perform statistics on content stored in Alfresco. We directly access sql database for performance reason. In consequence, this tool can works with offline server or sql backup dump. We don’t need to access to disk “content store” or Solr indexes.

Currently only one functionality was developed : “Alfresco Disk Usage”


Tried with :

  • Alfresco Enterprise 4.1+ - MySQL & Oracle
  • Alfresco Community 5.0+ - MariaDB & Postgresql


  • Java 8
  • oracle JDBCDriver

Quick start

git clone
cd stats-alfresco-on-database
./gradlew clean build
cp src/test/resources/ build/libs/
cd build/libs/
java -jar jeci-saod-0.?.?.war

Then go to http://localhost:8080 user admin / admin

Alfresco Disk Usage

This tool prints size of directories in Alfresco.

  • First we need to load data from the databases. (This may take a while.)
  • Then you would browse directories


Print Childs Nodes size


  • This version considers files with thumbnails are folders.
  • Problem loading sql file inside war application, for the moment we need sql files readable on disk


  • SAOD use externalized configuration from Spring Boot Framework.

  • Use file from src/test/resources/ as sample configuration

  • We use a local HSQLDB to store data localy. See sqldb/local

  • You may occure probleme with jmx on jetty, add this parameters.

  • You can define port or context path with these parameters:
  • You can define default sorting with this two parameters:

You can sort on the four columns : “name”, “local”, “aggregate”, “full”. default is set to “none”. For the sort “name” column, you can define the language to use with saod.sort.lang parameter.


Security is perform with Spring Security. There is two roles ROLE_ADMIN and ROLE_USER.

  • ROLE_ADMIN can load data from Alfresco database
  • ROLE_USER can only read content.

Default users are :

  • admin / admin with ROLE_ADMIN
  • user / user with ROLE_USER

You can choose login and password for this default account with these parameters:

These parameters must be defined before the first boot, or changed directly in the local HSQL database, for example using DBeaver. Take care to first stop application before editing the local database and shutdown DBeaver before restarting the application.


We tried computation script with big Alfresco Database (~500GB of office files) all compute takes 67 seconds on a laptop computer.

Future Plans

  • Add support for Postgresql
  • UI “Alfresco Disk Usage”
    • Print “association name” instead of NodeRef when available
    • Print date of last update on alfresco
    • Add row “..” to go on parent folder
    • Add number of file in folder and tree
    • Link in “Add count of files”
  • New Component
    • “Alfresco Disk Usage” report as PDF
    • UI to create and manage local user
    • Add REST interfaces to make javascript UI
  • Authentication based on Alfresco user local account
  • Translation in French and other languages (with your help)
  • Adding Unit Tests and Load Tests


Copyright 2016 Jeci - Jérémie Lesage

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

This work may reference software licensed under other open source licenses, please refer to these respective works for more information on license terms.