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CPAM 33: version of modules

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Public sector
01 Dec 2022

La Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie de la Gironde (CPAM 33)

Type of service

Alfresco expertise: identify and solve a problem.

Domain: Authentication on Alfresco.

What was the customer’s need?

To have a functional SSO on all the Alfresco interfaces without having to activate delegation in their active directory. This directory configuration is imposed by Alfresco, but they were asked to do without.

Their Alfresco installation was existing. It had been done by another provider and contained specific developments. It was not a blank installation. For this specific need, their provider had no solution to offer. This customer’s installation is unusual, it does not fit into the chain of recommendations.

It is a system used by all the CPAMs and we had already worked on it during an intervention at the CPAM 13.

The client had noticed the restrictions and regulations of Alfresco without other solutions.

Problems encountered

The most time consuming part was not to solve, but to identify the problem. The compatibility to make opening documents with MSoffice work.

Alfresco displays a compatibility list between the different versions of the external applications. If we follow this list, the MSOffice version is too old compared to the Alfresco version.

Some documents opened correctly and others did not. We found that when the file path reached a certain length, the call to MSOffice was different. The path was processed to send only the node ID and not the full path. Having an older version of MSOffice, it was not able to handle this new call. However, as the office suite was not going to be updated immediately, we had to find a way to make it work as was.

Solution implemented

Several solutions were tested and this one was chosen. We downgraded to an older version of Alfresco Share which is compatible with the MSOffice version. We went back to a version where there was no processing on the long paths.

This was the obvious solution to the customer’s problem; it matched their current version which was functional. When their office suite is upgraded, it will be possible to upgrade Alfresco.

Time spent on the project?

About 10 days