Inria: migration from Alfresco Enterprise to Alfresco Community

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Public sector
01 Dec 2022

National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology [Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies du numérique (Inria)]

Type of service

Alfresco expertise: migrate an Enterprise Alfresco to a Community Alfresco


  • Upgrade
  • Minimise the migration time so that there is as little downtime as possible.

Domain: Alfresco Migration and Installation

What was the customer’s need?

Moved from an enterprise Alfresco to a community Alfresco with upgrade. On Alfresco share with Only Office The client had 5TB of data to migrate.

Problems encountered

Expected problems

Due to the large volume of data, re-indexing would have required several days of downtime.

The deletion of configurations stored in the database. With Alfresco Enterprise all changes are applied via the admin console so all settings were stored in the database, and anything in the configuration files were not taken into account. The database had to be cleaned up.

New problems

During the installation of version 7.2, some bugs in Alfresco were found:

  • problem with group search for invitation in sites
  • display and modification of links in wiki pages

Solution implemented

What technical solution was implemented?

We set up a qualification server with the production data, which led to several days of reindexing. Once the data had been indexed, we used these images to go into production. This avoided a long downtime (reduced to 4 hours for the production launch)

Is this a new solution?

Yes, we had never done it before.

Time spent on the project?

About 10 days