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Inria: migration from Alfresco Enterprise to Alfresco Community

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Public sector
03 Mar 2023

National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology [In French : Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies du numérique] (Inria)

Project background

Inria]( had been using Alfresco Enterprise EDM for internal purposes for several years. We have assisted them in upgrading to Alfresco 7 Community.

Upgrading to the Community version is possible when the installation does not require an Alfresco cluster (installation of the Alfresco engine on several synchronized servers) and when the proprietary Alfresco components are not used.

A large volume to migrate

The main challenge of this mission was to migrate the 5 TB of data from the old server to the new one with a minimum downtime.

A large volume implies a very large index (solr). Since the update required a complete re-indexing, we had a first indexing done on the target server one week before the production start.

This reduced the downtime to four hours on the day of the production launch, the time to migrate the production data and to do the partial re-indexing.

Moving from Alfresco Enterprise to Community

With Alfresco Enterprise, all changes are applied via the admin console. Therefore, all settings are stored in the database (postgresql).

Everything defined in the configuration files is then not taken into account.

To solve this problem, we removed the configurations stored in the database using SQL queries.

Following the migration

Since the installation of the new instance, we continue to monitor the server with an annual maintenance contract on Alfresco Community.

We are considering the implementation of Collabora Online instead of Only Office, which seems to better meet the needs of users.