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Expertise and software recovery

sExpertise and software recovery

Our software recovery services

Source code and software architecture audit

Are you having problems with your software, but you don’t know where they are coming from?

Is it a code error? A programming language error?

Was your software developed more than 5 years ago and it already seems obsolete?

Does your software seem slow compared to other tools? Lacks modernity? Or is it experiencing increasing slowness, disconnection, annoying bugs?

Or simply, you want to know the quality of your code or your architecture? Or know if it can be improved?

We can find answers to these questions.

For this, we offer services adapted to your needs

Step 1: analysis
  • Analysis of your code quality
  • Analysis of your architecture quality
Step 2: Recommendations

*Technical recommendations

  • Proposal for corrections ;
  • Proposal for improvements ;
  • Proposal to maintain the existing system;
  • Proposal to update the existing system;
  • Proposal to start the project from scratch;
    • In-house if it is within our specialities;
    • With a partner if it is more relevant

Our guarantee: we calculate the technical debt and offer you one or more solutions for the short and long term.

Code recovery & maintenance

Your developer has left? The editor is no longer responding?

Take things in hand with our expertise:

  • Project recompilation
  • ** Updating dependencies**
  • Securing deployments (CI/CD)

You will then be free to develop your project with or without us.

If necessary, we calculate the technical debt of your project. We help you to choose: Repair the existing or change the software?

Includes the industrialisation of your deployment.

Code consolidation

Is your project stalling? Your publisher is no longer responding?

There is often not much missing to make your project a real rocket.

We also have experience in project management assistance (PMA), to help your team finalise the project and get rid of development costs.

If necessary, we calculate the technical debt of your project. We help you to choose: Repair the existing or change the software?

Including the industrialisation of your deployment

Industrialisation of your deployment

Is your application not holding the load? Do you have to restart your server every day? Would you like to be more efficient? Have faster updates? More frequently?

We are specialists in industrializing deployments.

Using container tools such as Docker or Podman and deployment tools such as Ansible and Kubernetes we master the deployment of your instances in a very short time.

This reduces the risk of human error (typing errors, manipulation, oversight, etc.), installation and maintenance costs.

  • Deployment of (identical) iso machines in test, qualification and production;
  • Facilitates and reduces the time required to deploy updates and patches (fix);
  • In the event of an incident, redeployment can be done from scratch;

Condition of recovery

  • We do not undertake any development without an initial analysis phase (study or audit);
  • Integration in our software factory;
  • We only work on Linux environments;
  • A language that we have mastered;

Languages we master

JECI’s expertise

We master 4 of the most popular languages. This does not mean that we do not know or have not worked on other languages such as Ruby, PHP or Angular. However, our knowledge of programming languages allows us to have a global vision of your project in its recovery or deployment.

If your software needs to use a technology that we are less proficient in, we can advise you on the appropriate provider.

If your software would be more relevant on another language, but the cost to start from scratch would not be profitable, then we will tell you.

You can trust that we will not commit ourselves if we do not master a technology.

We will only commit to developments if we master the technology.

What sets us apart

Free and open source software (FLOSS)

Jeci only develops free and open source software. Working with us, all the code we install is FOSS, not just our developments.

Our vision of free and open source software does not stop at the code, it is also the foundation of our corporate values. Whether it’s in its social management or in its relationship with our customers.

Une envie d’être toujours au fait des dernières technologies !

We were among the first to use containers, we have been using docker for a long time. But already we find Podman better thought out.

We are also a software company, so we have a complete view of the software, from its development to its deployment, not to mention its long-term maintenance. We have followed Alfresco Community updates from version 2.1 (2007) to the present day (version 7.3 - 2022) and since September 2021 we have been working on an application that revamps the Alfresco Community interfaces and adds the functionality we are missing.

This product is Pristy.

To implement this product we have introduced new technologies such as VueJS, Kafka and Keycloak.

They put their trust in us

“Surprisingly, what could be seen as a negative point is THE positive point: Jeci is not a very big team. We have very few contacts and always the same ones. As there is no pyramid organisation, there is less back and forth to get an answer. All the information is centralised, so it’s easier.”

Antoine SEGEON - IT Project Manager | Département du Gard

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