Free projects

Jeci promotes the values of free and open source that every projects (below) respect. The company commits to using free and open source technologies such as Docker, Angular or Podman to carry its projects.

The projects’ source code can be found on our github.

Collabora Online for Alfreso 6

Collabora Online Integration on Alfresco 6 in order to be able to edit documents on the Share interface and on the Angular one simultaneously.

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Stats Alfresco on Database

Software development to make statistics on the Alfresco database.

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Alfresco Docker Cloud

Provide an Alfresco production system running on Docker. In order to do this, we created 4 docker images that allow the complete installation of Alfresco on Docker.

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Object Storage for Alfresco

Several AMP modules realization for Alfresco to replace the traditional ContentStore on disk with object storage.

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JBake Docker

An unofficial docker image creation for JBake.

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Pristy offers a simple and professional document management tool thanks to the association of the best free softwares: Alfresco Community and Collabora Online.

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A propos de JECI

Maintenance Logicielle, Conteneur (Docker, Kubernetes), Alfresco Community, Logiciels Libres
SARL - Capital : 100 000 €, immatriculée au RCS de Dijon

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+33 9 72 38 21 92

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