Alfresco Community

We provide turnkey Alfresco Community Platforms. The platforms use Docker for a quick and reproductible deployment.

Turnkey Platforms

  • image Alfresco Community
    5 or 6
  • image Docker + systemd
    to use technologies well-known by your team.
  • image Kubernetes
    for scalability and availability.
  • image With different support levels available

Alfresco Community demo server

powered by Typeform


  • image LDAP Integration
    and Active Directory
  • image Authentication
    SSO Web, Kerberos, or custom
  • image Collabora Online
    Collaborative Online Edition
  • image Data Transfer
    and Migration from another ECM or an older Alfresco version

Integrate Alfresco Community in your infrastructure


We take care of everything :

  • image Installation
    On premise or On cloud ?
  • image Monitoring
    and alerting taylored to your tools
  • image Backup
    and replication depending of your possibilities
  • image Security
    Isolation of the deployment

At your hosting partner or our’s Beezim .

A propos de JECI

Maintenance Logicielle, Conteneur (Docker, Kubernetes), Alfresco Community, Logiciels Libres
SARL - Capital : 100 000 €, immatriculée au RCS de Dijon

Nous contacter

+33 9 72 38 21 92

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