Application in containers

Container & Docker

  • image Source Code Compilation
    (Java, Python, Php, Go, Angular, …)
  • image Integration
    in your CI
    (Gitlab, Jenkins, Travis, …)
  • image Base container
    of your choice (Ubuntu, Centos, Debian, Fedora, …)
  • image Volumes management
    and logs management

With your application, we build the Docker container respecting the best practices.

Stack Container

  • image Database
  • image Backend Application
  • image FrontEnd Application
  • image Reverse Proxy

Assembling your containerized applications into a coherent application stack. So that your applications start up in less than a minute, and it’s reproducible.

You choose the technical solution :

  • docker-compose
    Simple to deploy and reproduce, but only on a single server
  • docker+systemd
    Starting the containers is managed by Systemd in respect of Unix standards. Le démarrage des conteneurs est piloté par Systemd, en respectant les standards Unix. No change for your system administrators
  • Kubernetes
    Dedicated infrastructure, configured for your workload

We set up in your infrastructure, in ours, or the cloud provider of your choice (OVH, Amazon, Azure, …)

UN-limited yearly support

Migration to Docker

  • One Applications on one VM

    ContainerS on one VM
  • Manual compilation on the servers

    Automated compilation in a container
  • Hand made deployment with a 30 pages procedure

    Automated deployment with a single command.

Together, we study the ideal solution for your needs. We accompany you to build the solution and migrate your applications

A propos de JECI

Maintenance Logicielle, Conteneur (Docker, Kubernetes), Alfresco Community, Logiciels Libres
SARL - Capital : 100 000 €, immatriculée au RCS de Dijon

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