Software Maintenance

Project takeover

Your developer left ? The editor is not responding ? You apprehend updating your servers ?

Take things back in your hands with our expertise :

  • image Project recompilation
  • image Dependencies update
  • image Securing Deployment (CI/CD)

You will then be free to make your project evolve with or without us.

Source code consolidation

Your application does not hold up the load. You need to restart your server everyday.

  • image Source code auditing Architecture auditing
  • image Quality analysis
  • image Technical recommendation

There’s often not much missing to turn your project into a real rocket.


Calculate the technical debt of your project. We help you choose: Repair the existing one or Change the software?

A propos de JECI

Maintenance Logicielle, Conteneur (Docker, Kubernetes), Alfresco Community, Logiciels Libres
SARL - Capital : 100 000 €, immatriculée au RCS de Dijon

Nous contacter

+33 9 72 38 21 92

2013-2020 Jeci | Mixed with v4.3.2 | Baked with JBake v2.6.4 | Photo by S. Hermann & F. Richter on Unsplash | Mentions légales