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Image de présentation : Podman 4 to replace Docker?
de Lucie Lesage/ le 13 Apr 2022

Podman 4 to replace Docker?

Podman 4 Podman is an alternative to Docker - developed mainly by Red Hat - with a high level of security.

Image de présentation : Docker Logs with Systemd
de Jérémie Lesage/ le 06 Oct 2020

Docker Logs with Systemd

Following our article on the use of containers with Systemd. I would like to clarify a point on the management of logs in containers.

Image de présentation : Docker RUN with Systemd
de Cindy Piassale/ le 29 Jul 2020

Docker RUN with Systemd

The use of containers (docker or other), for the installation of software in a company, can seem obscure for system administrators.

Image de présentation : Alfresco Docker Cloud
de Jérémie Lesage/ le 16 May 2017

Alfresco Docker Cloud

Looks like we have a fully functional Alfresco stack running on Docker.