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Image de présentation : Why did I choose Collabora Online ?
de Jérémie Lesage/ le 23 Mar 2023

Why did I choose Collabora Online ?

We are often asked why we chose to integrate Collabora Online into Pristy (and Alfresco) instead of choosing OnlyOffice.

Image de présentation : Jeci is 10!
de Lucie Lesage/ le 27 Dec 2022

Jeci is 10!

Today, Jeci is celebrating its 10th anniversary! For the occasion we are giving the jeci.

Image de présentation : About the 2022 OSXP Show
de Lucie Lesage/ le 17 Nov 2022

About the 2022 OSXP Show

Back from the Open Source Experience 2022 Like last year, we shared our booth at the Open Source Experience (OSXP) with BeeZim and their great team!

Image de présentation : OSXP Show : come meet us!
de Lucie Lesage/ le 05 Oct 2022

OSXP Show : come meet us!

Open Source Experience: from November 8th to 9th Come and meet us on booth A22 on November 8th and 9th 2022.

Image de présentation : Happy New Year 2022 !
de Lucie Lesage/ le 24 Jan 2022

Happy New Year 2022 !

Jeci wishes you a Happy New Year 2022! Our resolution is to make Pristy grow.